1. alijersey:


    Watercolor and pen on cream paper.

    Birthday Card I made for my friend Paul.

    He likes dogs.

  2. alijersey:

    Pretty Lady Birthday Card I made for my buddy Ramona.

    She is quite the lady.

  3. alijersey:

    Love Donut prints, set of two different series of prints to be mailed, matte acrylic on paper.

    Nothing says “I love you” better then a donut.
    Strawberry or you’re single.

    Happy Valentine’s Day 2014


  4. Listen, I’ll post more art…

    … after the holidays.

    I’m traveling all December and working in between to afford junk for my family.

    Don’t worry internet. You’ll get more. 


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    All of my wat

    Perfect pet.

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  6. I’m reblogging this because THIS is my fantasy life.

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  7. alijersey:


    I collaborated on a few of these drawings with my boyfriend. So happy to see they got published. The cover also features drawings by @pattkelley @shaynaface and @alijersey ! 🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻 #illustration #art #tattoo #ink #drawing #newspaper #cover #frankenstein #ladyfrankenstein #flashart #halloween #sketch #event #icecream #dagger #spider #cat #mouse #skeleton #ghost #beercan #rose #coverart #dig #digboston #boston #design #artists #collaboration


  8. paintpenscollective:

    Our button vending machine is hitting its first location at our Paint Pens Collective Quick Draw event this Saturday in Boston.

    Here is just a sampling of some of the buttons. These were designed by artists from both the east and west coast. Artists: Chelsea BrownTofusquirrel, Cristina Paulos, Shayna Yasuhara, Allison Bamcat, Mykim Dang, and Crystal Gonzalez. Project co-produced by Mykim Dang. 

    ***Event details and RSVP here

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  9. alijersey:

    Getting ready for my art event in Boston and I want to throw a huge “thank you” to Alan of Believe the Hyperbole. He gave me a bunch of comic book sleeve things to protect and display my watercolors and they have saved my life! I can’t wait for Saturday and it’s been a breeze thanks to Alan. I owe you one big time, dude!

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